Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Northfield family aims to provide a balanced and demanding academic and personal formation for its students so that they live according to the Christian ideal. This is done specifically by strengthening and uniting the family as an institution in society, enabling parents to exercise their role as primary educators of their sons with the collaboration of their teachers.


The Northfield Vision

Dedicated to fulfill our mission, we envision a community of happy families: committed and involved parents, competent administrators, teachers and staff; virtuous and happy students working together as a team in order to build an educational institution complete with facilities to operate in an environment conducive to learning and the total Christian formation of the children and their families.

The Northfield family achieves its mission by forming:

The Parents to become effective primary educators of their children through peer coaching and their active participation in formative activities for parents.

The Teachers and Non-teaching personnel to become role models and effective agents of formation through mentoring and a continuing professional development program.

The Students to become productive and responsible citizens imbued with wisdom, virtue, patriotism and professional skills through mentoring chats and its demanding academic standards, its personal formation program and the close collaboration between parents and teachers.