Admissions Criteria

How does one get accepted to the school?

  1. The parents of the student applicant must secure all the necessary papers (2 ID pictures, Birth & Baptismal Certificates of the student applicant, Church Marriage Contract of the Parents, and the latest copy of grades) and accomplish the application form, which can be secured from the school’s Admissions Office. [The Application Form may be downloaded here*. Alternatively, you may request the School Registrar for an Application Form to be emailed to you.]
  2. The student applicant will be given the admission/diagnostic test on a scheduled date.
  3. The student applicant is then interviewed by the Guidance Counselor as necessary.
  4. The parents are then scheduled for interview as a couple by designated Parent Interviewers of the school.
  5. During the interview, the parents are required to know and understand the school’s philosophy of the school as regard to education and formation. They are also asked to sign a contract requiring their commitment to meet the conditions set for new parents and students.
  6. Parents are also required to attend the New Parents Education Program.