Institutional Events

During the school year, there are traditional school activities and events which can only be successful with one’s active and dedicated participation. They include the following:


The House System

Upon entry into Northfield, students are assigned to a particular House, which serves as their permanent affiliation during their stay in the school. Every student in Northfield belongs to either Vinta (blue) or Anchor (red), designations derived from the school’s seal. Many of the school’s extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are built on healthy but intense competition between Houses. The rivalry between Anchor and Vinta is a long-standing tradition within Northfield. As a member of a particular House, the student is expected to participate and compete in various activities during the year, all in the spirit of healthy sportsmanship, fair play, and camaraderie. The students’ efforts contribute to their House’s points, which are reckoned at the end of every year, and becomes the basis for the awarding of the House Cup at the end of each school year.

The annual rivalry between Vinta and Anchor kicks off with the Sportsfest, a day of games and sports held during the first month of the school year. This day begins with a parade of Houses, officially marking the commencement of the long-standing battle for supremacy between Vinta and Anchor.


Christmas Program

Every year, the students organize a Christmas Program for the entire community of parents, teachers, and students. The Christmas Program is a source of pride for the school because it showcases the students’ talents, and also serves as an opportunity for community celebration by the school and its constituents.


Family Day

In February, the school celebrates Family Day. This is another well-established Northfield tradition, inasmuch as it serves as a final school-wide event for the year, where parents and students jointly participate in sports, games and other competitive activities to cap the yearly competition of Anchor and Vinta. Beyond that, Family Day affords Northfield families, teachers and staff a final opportunity to celebrate as a school community.


Subject Activities

The list includes Buwan ng Wika, Linggo ng Kasaysayan, Math and Science Month, and Work Ed week.